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A scientific article is a small journalistic-style essay that transmits the information contained in the thesis in a compressed form. Before the publication, a scientific article should be checked by a reviewer and plagiarism checked. The article must have a certain structure and originality in order to pass the editor’s check and get access to the publication in a particular journal.

Format of article writing: the content of the article

All graduate students and applicants for a scientific degree are aware that the article must meet a number of requirements of the highest attestation commission and journal, where it will be published after a successful review. In order for the article to turn out to be of high quality and relevant within the framework of the master’s thesis, we suggest you to consider its content and structure.

  • abstracts that determine the relevance of a scientific article and its rationale;
  • annotation;
  • keywords that reveal the main essence of the content of the article;
  • the main part, which is accompanied by cross-references to literary sources.


What article writing online jobs can offer you:

  • the performer is a specialized specialist;
  • comprehensive check on plagiarism paper.

Help in writing articles

In parallel with the implementation of the master’s thesis, the applicant for a scientific degree will need to write at least three scientific articles. The implementation of these articles is very serious. After all, they reflect the basic essence and content of research paper.

With the help of the authors, articles on history, sociology, economics, law, management, economics, linguistics, etc. were written and published. Each completed article undergoes strict control and plagiarism testing in a special anti-plagiarism program, which is intended for testing dissertations, articles and various kinds content. The authors arrange the paper in accordance with the requirements of the journal which will publish the article. Training centers offer assistance in writing articles to order in any subject. The company manager will select the appropriate author for your paper, which will write you a high-quality and unique article.

If you have already decided to order an article in such a company, then please read the possible payment methods and ordering procedure.

Buy article to publish

The article itself according to the standard should be from 8 to 13 pages of printed text. It must contain a scientific novelty and have a unique content. As a rule, scientific articles are checked for plagiarism in order to identify the degree of borrowing from other people’s papers.

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