Article writing format


An article writing format: how to write a scientific article

In order to write a scientific article you need to know where to start, namely, to answer such seemingly simple questions:

– on what topic to write, i.e. you must select a topic;

– where to get information for writing;

– what is the scientific writing style;

– what should be the structure of a scientific article;

– what research methods to use, etc.

Selection of the topic of article writing topics

The undergraduate chooses the topics of scientific articles independently, discusses them with his supervisor and, with his approval, and begins preparations for writing. At the same time, it is important to remember that the topic of a scientific article should be within the theme of the master’s thesis. You should also not forget that the topic of a scientific article should have a title that will reflect the main provisions of the whole paper.

Sources of information for writing

Preparation means collecting materials and familiarization with them, their analysis and synthesis for further presentation.

  • Official sources: government websites, government statistics, etc. Textbooks: textbooks, manuals, scientific articles, journals, etc.
  • Internet resources: educational thematic sites, library sites, etc.

The structure of the scientific article

The structure of a scientific article should include:

– annotation;

– keywords;

– introductory part;

– the main part;

– the final part;

– bibliography.

The prepared and written material should contain an introduction, the main part, a conclusion, clearly marked conclusions and a list of used literature, that is, information about the sources that were quoted in the paper. Now, a little about the basic requirements for scientific articles is, firstly, the style of writing the article, secondly, it is the structure of the scientific article, thirdly, it is plagiarism, or what acceptable percentage of borrowings can be present in the article Fourth, it is compliance with the technical requirements for the design of the text.

Research methods when writing a scientific article

The main methods of research or cognition in modern times are the dialectical method, analysis and synthesis, the system method, the mathematical method, the comparison method, etc. Therefore, before you begin writing paper, you must first practically master the methods listed.

Why undergraduates use article writing jobs from home

It should be noted that many modern teachers cannot write scientific papers correctly, let alone ordinary undergraduates. Therefore, if you have difficulties with writing this or that scientific work or you do not have enough time, it would be more advisable to order this research paper from those who know how to write it.

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